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Online gambling is the confirmed trending entertainment of life. Placing large wagers with guaranteed safety changed a lot since the years when going in a betting shop was the only option. 1xbitmobile will help you in identifying professional and reliable bookmakers that can provide free credit for new clients and give information on best betting strategies.

We want just safe bet

Playing on online bet platforms means trusting your bookmaker, and the regulations published on their websites. Many online betting portals are nowadays reliable and transparent: with simple rules, easy to read and understand, with special regards to game mechanics, bookmaker commission, welcome bonuses, and clear details about how you will receive your prize.

It has become abundantly evident that brands promising guarantees of huge earnings without, at the same time providing clear indication about aforementioned rules, are definitely not to be blindly trusted.

It will be easy to find reviews of the best portals for gambling on 1xbitmobile, with a detailed description of their modalities, pros and cons, and suggestions for optimal game strategy from world’s best players.

The offer is differentiated and there is not an unique overall best bookmakers: some are focused on a single sport, real or virtual, while others are online casinos. The player, following his tastes and knowledge, can often use more than one. For example, you can choose from the ones most recommended, or the ones with the most appealing interface or where he will find better conditions. 1xbitmobile will help you.

Speaking of interface, aesthetics and user experience are of main concern. Simplicity and intuitive usability, easy understanding of bets and their placement bring fun, which defines 1xbitmobile.

The main purpose of gambling should be having fun and pleasant moments. Keep in mind that winning is never guaranteed and bookmakers are obliged to clearly state that in their published regulations. This is a first clear indication of the reliability of a portal.


Realistic bet quotes to elaborate the best gambling strategies

Many bookmakers provide extra services that let their user improve their winning chances by reading quotes from world’s best players, ranked by victories and reliability. Beyond these statistics, some websites use special algorithms that can integrate data from different sources to offer their users results from the most advanced technologies, showing bets with highest winning probability.

As most experienced players may already be aware of, gambling is a world full of unknowns: no strategy will bring victory every time. Veteran players usually suggest to build up your own strategy through a cocktail of study, information and experience. Some time and tenacity will be required to build such thing, which could demotivate beginner players.

Advanced forecast helps those players by providing extra information of historical data on a single match, through powerful mathematical tools. In a similar fashion, more experience players bets will provide additional insight and teaching of their strategies. Information can be present at different depth levels, also on 1xbitmobile.

Bonus, bonus and…bonus

Different bookmakers offer different bonus credit. Usually a welcome bonus is offered to new users, between 10£ and 20£. Other incentives are giveback options with different caps. E.g.: if a user deposits 200£ and win some money before a determined amount of time, he will receive the due prize, plus the 200£ initially paid.

With some bookmakers, specific betting rules are required to be able to obtain the bonus. Sometimes bets should be three times the minimum amount, sometimes eight times. For beginners, website that does not require higher bets could be a more friendly option.

Bonus are available also for expert players, as a loyalty bonus, for example over a certain amount of won prizes. VIP programs are also available for most loyal players, with points that can give access to special prizes chosen from a catalogue before their expiration.